BMX Rider's Vision Transforms Eagan Bike Park

A local BMX rider worked with Eagan city crews to upgrade the city's .75-acre BMX bike park. The park's new ramps and jumps are nearly complete.

Lifelong BMX rider Chance Glasford has—with the help of Eagan city staff—transformed a series of ramps and jumps at the Lexington Diffley Athletic Fields.

Glasford, with the blessing of city staff, spent plenty of weekends last year working to upgrade the city's .75-acre BMX park—moving roughly 3,000 yards of dirt to add amenities to the pre-existing bike track. Now, Glasford and city crews are putting the finishing touches on the park upgrades.

Watch the video above for more details on the park upgrades.

"I just hope tha more communities realize the potential of providing safe places for riders to come and recreate," Glasford said in the video. "People want to do this. They're doing it already illegally, and the illegal trails are just not as as safe as something that's built and specifically designed."

"It's the same concept as a skate park, it just gives the youth a safe place to hang out and have fun," Glasford said of the BMX track.


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