Mystery Photo: Where in Apple Valley?

How well do you know Apple Valley? Try to identify what and where in Apple Valley our inaugural mystery is. We'll post a new one each week.

How well do you know Apple Valley? Can you identify where this photo was taken, and what it is?

Submit your best guess in the comments section below. We'll drop hints along the way if it proves too difficult, but we're betting there are some Apple Valley sleuths who know right where it is.

Be as specific as possible. In other words, "behind the gas station by the tracks" isn't likely to cut it. Identify 'where' and 'what.'

Keep checking back with , because we'll reveal the answer and more photos of the location when someone guesses correctly. We'll post a new photo each week. Have fun!

Allison Wickler March 20, 2012 at 03:14 PM
We had a quick correct guess on Facebook from Jeff Achen—it's the chess board at Cobblestone Lake Park. Did anyone else have any other guesses before reading the correct answer? A doppelganger location, perhaps? Come back next week for our next mystery photo!
Troy Thompson March 20, 2012 at 03:53 PM
Well done, Jeff. Cobblestone Lake Park is a beautiful little park in the southeast corner of Apple Valley. The playground, fishing pier and canoe launch make it the perfect place to enjoy some nice weather. And perhaps a game of chess!


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