Over 100 Eaganites to Participate in Long-term Cancer Prevention Study

A large number of locals enrolled in the American Cancer Society's newest large-scale study during a recruitment push at the Eagan Community Center.

More than 100 Eagan residents have volunteered for a nationwide cancer study that will include at least 300,000 people and last more than 20 years.

This past Tuesday, the Epidemiology Research Group presented a plaque to the City of Eagan for its support and participation in what is known as the Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3 for short). As the name would suggest, this is the third in a cycle of longitudinal studies into what causes and prevents cancer. CPS-3 is the spiritual heir to the American Cancer Society's first large scale inquiry into cancer, the Hammond-Horn Study of 1952 to 1955, which was one of the first to implicate cigarette smoking as a factor in rising rates of lung cancer.   

The Eagan Community Center hosted the CPS-3 Study in early June. The city assisted in marketing and staffing the event. Thanks to their efforts, combined with those of the ACS, a substantial number of residents agreed to enroll.

There is still time to enroll if you are qualified. The CPS-3 will study men and women, aged 30 to 65, who have no personal history of cancer. The team hopes to recruit adults from all racial and ethnic backgrounds. The study will last over 20 years, which will allow researchers to gain insight into the lifestyle, behavioral, environmental and genetic factors that contribute to cancer. 

There will be two recruiting events in the near future, though none will take place in Eagan proper:

St. Peter & Mankato, MN Community Area Enrollment
October 29 - November 2, 2013
Enrollment locations vary.
Enrollment hours and dates vary based on locations.
To schedule your appointment click here or call toll free, 888-604-5888 for more information.

Midtown Global Market MN Community Area Enrollment
November 5, 2013
Midtown Global Market
920 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55407
To schedule your appointment click here or call toll free, 888-604-5888 for more information.


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