Developer Investing $4.3 Million into Eagan Car Club

Local developer Kurt Manley hopes the first phase of construction on the car club will be done later this summer.

Kurt Manley may be too busy managing his eight children to be a classic car enthusiast, but that doesn't mean the developer can't provide a boon to other classic car collectors in the community.

That's the idea behind Manley's soon-to-be constructed Eagan Car Club, a $4.3 million project slated to break ground along Hwy. 3 in Eagan this spring. The planned six-acre facility would include as many as 76 garage units and a clubhouse capable of hosting events.

The car club is more than just a storage facility for classic automobiles, Manley explained. Rather than renting space, club members pay anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 to purchase a space, depending on the size of the unit. The units, which range in size, will have air conditioning, electricity, running water and other amenities for buyers, and can be customized or modified.

While the tenants are prohibited from staying overnight at the facility, they are encouraged to set up offices, workshops or maintenance areas for vehicles, Manley said.

The clubhouse will have big-screen TVs, a fireplace, kitchen and plenty of seating, and could be used to accommodate events or fundraisers, Manley said. Only club members who own a garage stall in the facility would be able to access the clubhouse.

Manley, who has developed dozens of office, retail and residential projects in the area, said the idea for the car club came out of conversations with friends who were looking for a place to store their cars, boats or snowmobiles.

The development would eventually include seven buildings and an eight-foot-tall perimeter fence—all located on a currently undeveloped site directly south of in Eagan.

The Eagan Advisory Planning Commission voted 5-0 to recommend approval of the project after a public hearing on March 27. During the hearing, nearby residents voiced concerns about lighting and noise that the proposed facility would generate.

After tabling action during its April 3 meeting so Manley could work out concerns with nearby residents, the Eagan City Council unanimously approved rezoning and final platting for the site on Tuesday during a regular meeting at .

Development will start in May, and the car club's first units will be complete by August, Manley said.

"It’s just a step above a renting a regular unit or a standard storage space," Manley said.

Patrick Oberstar May 06, 2012 at 03:46 PM
The one built in Chanhassen has been a complete success and has run out of room. Check out the "automotorplex" page and see. Best real estate investment in the last four years. These are not just owned by "EVIL RICH PEOPLE" but by people with a common love for the automobile. Many groups of enthusiasts co-own a unit for storage and socializing. It's not a question of if there is a market, many of the people that own one in Chanhassen are from out side of that area. The market will come to you, as in new money coming in.
Rick Bauer May 09, 2012 at 01:15 AM
Who do you contact about buying a unit. Please fill me in on the sizes and their availability. Rick at (srbauer@usfamily.net)
M. January 26, 2013 at 06:05 AM
cant wait. car shows hosted there will bring people into eagan and contribute to the local economy. the south suburbs needed a place like this years ago in my opinion
Matt Carpentier November 14, 2013 at 04:20 PM
Kurt Manley built my home, then debunked his company and started another. He WILL do the same here, look at his history. The Manley family name are crooks.
Ethan Manley May 09, 2014 at 05:13 PM
Just like everyone else I google my name every now and again to see what comes up, and here I am reading this article. Thank you several people for the kind words! This car club development is something that I am aware of but have no involvement in, but I do have one thing to say in regards to your claim Matt. Please don't make outlandish claims about an entire family or even a person for that matter without the facts. 2008 saw several developers across the board lose everything they spent their lives developing trying to save their businesses and provide for their families. You say my family built your home, be happy you are still living in it. My father, Kevin Manley, poured his savings and his life to insure that his employees, hard working Americans, could keep their jobs as long as possible in one of the largest declines we have seen since the 1920s. Unfortunately in the end it was out of our reach and not in the cards for the company to survive. I have had conversations with him asking, why be the 1% of business owners that doesn't just liquidate everything and save themselves? He looked me in the eye with a smile on his face and reminds me that a company is built by people, and no one wants to work for someone that doesn't believe in those people. I have never had more respect for someone in my entire life. So please before you say that something was "Debunked" then slander someone or in this case and entire family you have had one encounter with, I'd like you to think of the bigger picture. I hope all is well for you and your family and are enjoying every day in your custom built Manley Brothers Construction home. Please feel free to email me at my personal email EthanKManley2014@gmail.com


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