Nicholas David's Eagan Fans Cheer Him On at Ansari's Viewing Party (Photos and Video)

David's fans and high school classmates came to Ansari's Grill Monday evening to watch his final live performance on "The Voice."

Nancy Nguyen keeps her eyes locked on the flat-screen TV at Ansari's Mediterranean Grill as her high school friend Nicholas David stands jubilant in his silver suit and flop sweat.

David has just finished a peppy rendition of “Great Balls of Fire” on “The “Voice” and is listening to Cee Lo Green’s praise.

“Your fire tonight burned this house down,” Green says and Nguyen gives a vicarious grin, baring her two rows of strong, white teeth.

Nguyen went to Dakota Hills Middle and Eagan High with David and remembers him as a “popular guy” who “spoke from the heart.”

“Back in the day (when he was drinking) I drove him home and he played the piano just for me, just rocking out,” Nguyen said.

About 30 or 40 Ansari’s patrons crammed the bar Monday evening, watching David’s final live performance. David is one of three finalists, and a winner will be chosen in the two-hour Tuesday evening finale.

Tess Cardie and Jess Goifon, Eagan High graduates just out of college, have been meeting friends at Ansari’s regularly on Monday to watch “The Voice.”

“I think it’s so cool to say that we went to the same high school and go to the same bars as someone who’s on ‘The Voice,’” Cardie said.

Goifon said she agreed.

“We think he’s great and everyone else should go home,” she said. “He’s different from the stereotypical rock music.”

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