Letter to the Editor: Political Mudslinging Kicking into High Gear

Eagan resident Dee Richards criticizes House District 51B Rep. Doug Wardlow's campaign tactics.

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To the editor:

Looks like the political mudslinging has kicked into high gear. I recently received a negative piece of mail full of lies and distortions from Rep. Wardlow and his partisan supporters attacking Laurie Halverson.

These types of attacks are all Rep. Wardlow has to run on, but don't believe the lies. 

Though he likes to brag about turning our budget deficit into a surplus, the truth is Rep. Wardlow and the GOP have left a $4.5 billion deficit for the next legislature to deal with.

Despite his anti-tax pledge, the truth is Rep. Wardlow and the GOP voted to eliminate the Homestead Credit, eliminating direct property tax relief for small businesses and 95 percent of homeowners.   

Lastly, and perhaps most damaging, Rep. Wardlow voted in favor of borrowing another $2.4 billion from our schools—nearly $3,000 per student!

Let’s vote for a candidate who values an honest discussion of the serious issues facing our state. Join me in voting for Laurie Halverson on Nov. 6.

Dee Richards

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Paul October 14, 2012 at 11:39 PM
Editor: Regarding at least the Homestead Property Tax Credit, Dee's remarks are wrong, as are overt DFL operatives who still claim that eliminating this Credit was hurting people, and that the Republican Legislature is to blame. Countless times, historical facts have proven both accusations are 180-off. 1st, when the Legislature both eliminated the Credit, it lowered property taxes generally. They offset the selective Credit, reduced citizen paperwork, & reduced government bureaucracy, a 3-way reduction of government burden on everybody. The Republican Legislature helps people. 2nd, eliminating this decade-old Credit wasn't something the Republican Legislature decided to do on its own. Almost every year since inception, the DFL-controlled Legislature left local governments "holding the empty bag” funding the refunds, by failing to compensate local jurisdictions; DFL Legislature just ignored the law. Local jurisdictions repeatedly requested the Legislature eliminate the Credit. DFL turned a deaf ear, when there were taxes to collect and hoard. It took a Republican Legislature to listen to the people; there is no blame in this, but acclaim. So, on both counts, the Republican Legislature acted *for* people and listened to people; quite the opposite of DFL claims. If this exemplifies her understanding of facts, then when Dee quotes the other numbers, she likely is similarly wrong. And, I expect better of an Editor, than to again publish such thoroughly debunked lies.
Ken in MN October 30, 2012 at 12:27 PM
Ah, no. It was Governor Tim Pawlenty who withheld the funds: http://www.abetterlegislature.org/truth-check-sen-carla-nelsons-homestead-heist/
Ken in MN October 30, 2012 at 12:29 PM
Not to mention that GOPosaurs ran in 2010 on a platform of jobs, Jobs, JOBS and gave us nothing but abortion, Abortion, ABORTION, plus a needless government shutdown...


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