Letter to the Editor: Rep. Doug Wardlow's Claims Misleading

Eagan resident Laura Spartz believes Democratic challenge Laurie Halverson will be a better steward of public school funding.

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To the Editor:

Representative Doug Wardlow continues to mislead Eagan residents about his record on our state budget. He claims he helped balance the budget not only responsibly, but also in such a manner, that Minnesota now has a budget surplus. Borrowing against our children’s education is hardly responsible.

The Republicans love to compare state budgets to household budgets. Let’s do that!

With Mr. Wardlow’s votes, our Minnesota “family” did indeed give the kids a raise in their allowance (he voted for a small increase in per pupil aid), but he paid for it by voting to make the school districts lend the state $2.4 billion (raiding the kids college fund). This $2.4 billion plus $1.5 billion raided from the state’s tobacco settlement (also supported by Mr. Wardlow) represents the vast majority of his “balanced budget.” We won’t have a balanced budget in future years. We have cost shifts that will need to be addressed in 2013 and beyond. All families know that paying as we go is ultimately cheaper than putting our needs on a credit card. What our children will forgo in the meantime is inestimable.

Eagan residents have invested in our school districts and are proud of our public schools. We need a representative at the state legislature who will look out for the best interests of our children and our state budgets, not a representative who plays shell games with our hard-earned tax dollars and then brags about his cleverness.

I will be voting for Laurie Halverson for State Representative on Nov. 6, and I encourage all voters to do the same. We can insure our public schools continue to be some of the best in the state only if we have legislators willing to be good stewards of our state. I believe Laurie Halverson is the representative we need.

Laura L. Spartz

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Charlene October 04, 2012 at 03:45 AM
I cannot believe the literature that both Rep. Wardlow and Sen. Daley -- and I assume a lot of other Republicans in the Minnesota Legislature -- are distributing.
Eric Smith October 04, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Let’s look at the reason the Legislature had to borrow from the school. The reason is GOVERNOR DAYTON!!! The Republican controlled legislature passed a balanced budget and presented it to Governor Dayton. The Republican budget was balance without raising taxes or harming services for Minnesotans most vulnerable individuals. Governor Dayton decided he didn’t like that and vetoed the bill after the Legislature had adjourned. Had Governor Dayton signed the budget bill there would have been no need to borrow from the schools. So don’t go blaming Republicans for what governor Dayton caused.


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