Letter to the Editor: 'Saddened' to See Health Care Criticism

Eagan resident Tee McClenty weighs in regarding Rep. Sandra Masin (DFL) and Rep. Laurie Halverson's (DFL) support of a health care exchange.

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Dear Editor:

I was saddened to see House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt and Rep. Joe Hoppe attack Representatives Halverson and Masin on February 6 for their votes on the health insurance exchange.

Reps. Daudt and Hoppe did not tell the truth about the Minnesota Exchange. While they claimed their colleagues voted for an Exchange Board “all who have absolutely no health industry expertise,” it’s simply not true.

All of the following can serve on the board:

  • Any of thousands of insurance company employees who retired more than a year ago.
  • All of the thousands of corporate HR executives who have worked buying insurance for their companies.
  • Health care economists, Doctors, nurses, non-profit leaders, policy experts from think-tanks, academics, and the list goes on.

Reps. Daudt and Hoppe want to represent the interests of the insurance companies, the wealthy corporations who continue growing richer at the expense of Minnesotans. Those companies want to continue offering high-deductible, low-coverage insurance which pads their bottom line, which is why they want control of the Exchange.

The truth is, the Minnesota Exchange is meant to ensure that the best interests of Minnesotans are served – low-income and middle class families. It will expand access to affordable, quality insurance by negotiating with insurers for lower prices and higher quality coverage to offer the very best deal for the 1.2 million Minnesotans who will access coverage through the health insurance exchange.

It’s a shame Reps. Daudt and Hoppe would resort to making false accusations, rather than just be honest about their interests. If Republicans want to work together, they need to start telling the truth.

Thank you Reps. Halverson and Masin for standing up to the insurance company executives and making the best interests of middle class Minnesotans your priority.

Tee McClenty
Eagan Resident

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