Argument Over Rap Lyrics Led to BB Gun Assault, Police Say

Three Minneapolis residents face charges for allegedly attacking a victim in an Eagan park, shooting him repeatedly with a BB gun, tasering him and spraying pepper spray in his face.

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The fight started with a disagreement over rap lyrics. It ended with a brutal beatdown that left the victim with multiple BB gunshot wounds and other injuries, according to Eagan police.

Now, three Minneapolis residents who were allegedly behind the June attack are each facing one felony charge of issuing terroristic threats and one misdemeanor count of fifth-degree assault. Michael Marshall Satterlund, 19; Heather Kori Kilbo, 22; and Sean David Kilbo, 21, were charged by summons in connection with the alleged crime. If convicted of the terroristic threats charge, each could face a maximum of one year in prison and $3,000 in fines.

At 7:31 p.m. on June 13, Eagan police and paramedics were dispatched to a home on Shale Lane in Eagan on a report that someone had been assaulted and shot with a BB gun.

Police met with the victim, who had multiple puncture wounds and welts that could have been caused by a BB gun, substantial bruising and two raised welts on his back consistent with injuries caused by a taser or stun gun.

The man told police he had been rapping with Sean Kilbo and two women at an Eagan park on June 12. During the rap session, the victim allegedly told Sean Kilbo his lyrics were shallow and "weak". A fist fight broke out over the criticism.

The next day, police say the victim agreed to meet one of the women at the same park to discuss what happened the previous night. When he arrived, the woman—identified in the criminal complaint by the initials K.H.—and two other females escorted him into the park, where he was ambushed by Sean Kilbo and a man later identified as Satterlund.

During the fight, the victim told police that Satterlund shot him several times with a BB gun. At the same time, the man said, others touched him with a taser and sprayed him with pepper spray.

The fight allegedly continued until the victim pretended to have a seizure and fall unconscious. At that point, police said, the assailants fled from the scene. Police say the victim made his way to a yard and washed his face with a garden hose.

An officer speaking with the victim remembered running a license plate on a nearby car that was registered to Sean Kilbo earlier that evening.

The next day, police spoke with Sean Kilbo over the phone. Kilbo told police he confronted the victim about sexually assaulting his girlfriend, but denied using a BB gun, taser or pepper spray.

After Kilbo missed an appointment with police, officers visited his home in Minneapolis and spoke with K.H. and Kilbo, who gave the same story.

In July, police spoke again with K.H., who allegedly admitted being present during the beating, but didn't elaborate.

At the end of August, police say K.H. met with an investigator, where she told police that the victim was assaulted by Sean Kilbo, his sister Heather Kilbo and Satterlund. K.H. told police that Sean Kilbo initiated the fight, while Heather Kilbo tasered and pepper-sprayed the victim and Satterlund shot him with the BB gun, according to the complaint.


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