Blotter: Boys See Man Peeking in Through Bedroom Window

A number of thefts, assaults and burglaries were also recorded in the police reports for Jan. 16-24.

Jan. 16

11:14 a.m.—Police responded to a theft call on the 1800 block of Silver Bell Rd. The caller told officers that a Droid cell phone was taken from his apartment without any signs of forced entry. The man also told officers that he believes the building caretaker and the residents of nearby apartment units are harassing and stalking him, and accused the department of doing nothing to help. The man also told officers that the "Racing Commission" may be involved, and likely knows the code to his unit lock.

Jan. 17

4:14 p.m.—Police responded to reports of a theft from Kohl's Department Store. The caller told police that two juveniles store a $50 sweater from the store before heading to Wal-Mart. Police apprehended the teens, and found a stolen belt, gum and a sweater in their possession. The teens, who allegedly admitted to the theft, were cited and released to their parents.

Jan. 18

2:39 a.m.—Police responded to a domestic on the 1500 block of Baylor Court. The caller told officers that her ex-boyfriend had been drinking and has threatened to kill her with a pair of scissors in his pocket.

11:43 a.m.—Police responded to a threats/stalking incident on the 800 block of Blue Gentian Rd. The caller told officers that an employee told co-workers two months ago that is his stress "gets any higher" he will bring a gun to the workplace and start shooting. The business's Human Resources department told the caller to report the incident to police.

Jan. 19

12:22 p.m.—Police responded to a theft call at the on Cliff Lake Road. The caller reported that a male and female attempted to steal a cart-load of groceries in the store parking lot, but that the victim was able to get her property back. The two also took roughly $60 of merchandise from Walgreens.

3:59 p.m.—Police responded to an assault call at Black Hawk Middle School. A woman told officers that her daughter had been punched in the face while at gym class that day, and may have a concussion. The woman declined medical treatment for her daughter, but told police the suspect was a fellow student.

5:05 p.m.—Police responded to a suspicious person incident on the 900 block of Wescott Square. A woman told officers that her five- and eight-year-old sons saw someone looking into their bedroom window the previous night. They described him as a grown-up adult.

Jan. 20

3:08 p.m.—Police responded to a theft report on the 3500 block of Hwy. 13. A vendor for Bernatellos Pizza told officers that someone broke the lock on the back of a company truck and stole 10 cases of pizza from the back of the parked vehicle. 

Jan. 21

9:41 a.m.—Police responded to a burglary call on the 4100 block of Pilot Knob Road. The caller told police that someone broke into Martinizing Cleaners and stole cash and clothing, then used a common bathroom to break into Piccolos Pizza. There, the burglar stole cash from the register, CDs and a laptop.

Jan. 22

3:27 a.m.—Police responded to a report of a fight at the Hampton Inn on Eagandale Place. A mother and daughter were pulling each other's hair and yelling. The mother told an officer that the daughter wanted her money, but that she didn't want to give it to her.

2:20 p.m.—Police responded to a threats/stalking call on the 4200 block of Sandstone Drive. The caller, 21, told officers that a group of people had been "trash talking" against him on Facebook because they believe he snitched on someone for a theft at McDonalds. He also told police that a group drove by his home with bats.

Jan. 24

12:19 a.m.—Police responded to a domestic on the 3200 block of Coachman Road. The caller told police that a woman had assaulted him. Police arrived to find both the victim and caller drunk. The female allegedly had a knife at one point during the argument. The female's mother told police that the male caller hit the woman on the head with a table. The female had a large knot on her head. The male was arrested for fifth-degree domestic assault.

6:43 p.m.—Police responded to a burglary call on teh 3500 block of Blue Jay Way. The caller told police that someone kicked in the door of his apartment sometime that day, and stole a handgun, computer and a safe for the handgun. Fingerprints were taken from the scene, and police photographed footprints in the snow. They also got the serial numbers for the stolen equipment.


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