Charges: Roseville Masseuse Steals Rental Car from Eagan Hotel

The 38-year-old woman said that she received permission to borrow the car although she did not try to return it.

A Roseville woman failed to return a rental car that she told police she had borrowed from a man at a hotel in Eagan.

Jodi Elizabeth Gannon, 38, was charged with felony theft in relation to the incident and faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.  

Eagan police responded to the hotel on June 6 after a man said that his Ford Focus had been stolen from the hotel's parking lot, according to the complaint. The man, who was in the city on business, told police that he had hired a masseuse through Backpages.com the evening before. He said that the woman, "Jamie," left shortly before midnight. The next day he realized that his rental car was gone along with his keys, which had been on a counter in his hotel room.

Police entered the car as stolen and on June 7, a Maple Grove police officer stopped a man who was driving the stolen car. This man told the officer that he had borrowed the car from "Jamie" and gave police her phone number, according to the complaint.

Police discovered her real name and spoke to her by phone on June 10. Gannon said that she had received permission to the borrow the car as long as she returned it by 6 a.m. However, upon leaving the hotel, she said she became drunk at a friend's house, allowed another friend to use the car and did not make any attempt to return the car. 

In September, police spoke with the man who originally reported the theft and he said that he did not give Gannon permission to use the car.


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