Eight of 70 Eagan Businesses Fail Alcohol Compliance Checks

Eagan police coordinated alcohol and tobacco compliance checks on Oct. 24

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Editor's Note: The following is a press release from the Eagan Police Department.

On October 24, 2012, Eagan Police Officers organized an alcohol and tobacco compliance check initiative to ensure establishments licensed to sell these substances are complying with the law. Recently, the police department received a grant from the Invitation Health Institute to help defray the costs involved in conducting alcohol compliance checks.

Checks are performed annually, where the police department last organized a compliance check effort on July 14, 2011. The results of that initiative specific to alcohol licensees revealed a failure rate of 20 percent (14 failures out of 69 businesses checked). Although still concerning, the department is pleased to announce our initiative from October 24, 2012, generated a failure rate of 11 percent (8 failures of 70 businesses checked) which equates to a 9 percent decrease from 2011.

Regarding tobacco, when the police department performed tobacco checks in July 2011, there was a failure rate of 13 percent (5 failures of 39 businesses checked). The results of the department’s October 24, 2012, initiative revealed a 12 percent rate of failure (5 failures of 43 businesses checked) equating to a 1 percent decrease from 2011.

The police department performs compliance checks on an annual basis in an effort to ensure establishments licensed to sell alcohol and tobacco in the city are acting in accordance with the law. It is expected our next round of checks will occur in early 2013.


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