Coming Soon to a Street Near You: Road Construction

Roughly 18 miles of city streets will likely be targeted for improvements starting this spring as part of the city's street management program.

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Snow may still blanket the ground in Eagan, but city officials are already putting plans in motion for a total of 28 separate road improvement projects in 2013.

The projects will target 18 miles of Eagan's roads and affect roughly 1,400 property owners, according to Public Works Director Russ Matthys, who gave a short presentation in front of the Eagan City Council last week.

Many of affected property owners will likely have to pay assessments to help cover the cost of the projects. Under the city's pavement management program, property owners and the city are each responsible for paying 50 percent of blacktop and signage costs. The city is solely responsible for the cost to repair curb and gutter and storm sewer maintenance.

Below is a list of five projects approved last week. In March, the city is expected to award contracts for the construction projects.

  • Construction crews will likely be resurfacing portions of Wexford Circle, Wexford Court and Wexford Way, as well as replacing worn-out curb and gutter segments and old street signage. The total cost of the project is anticipated to be $167,100, with the city covering $104,850 and the property owners covering $62,250. Construction is likely to start in May and be completed in August.
  • A section of Clemson Drive near the Oak Ridge Family Housing Development has also been targeted for repairs. Here, crews will likely be resurfacing the street, replacing damaged curb and gutter and installing pedestrian ramps, among other improvements. The total cost of the project is $70,000, with property owners covering $26,800 of that amount. Construction will likely begin in May.
  • Park Center Drive is also on deck for street improvements. The city plans to resurface a portion of the street north of Cliff Road, replace curb and gutter and complete a storm sewer facelift, among other tasks. The total cost is estimated at $58,400, with property owners on the hook for $43,438 of that amount. As before, construction is likely to begin in May, according to the city timeline.
  • The city is killing two birds with one stone by resurfacing portions Cashell Glenn and Wenzel Avenue near the Wenzel First Addition and Deerwood Ponds this year. Crews will likley be resurfacing the street, replacing damaged curb and gutter and resurfacing adjacent paved trails. The cost estimate on this project is $215,800, with $73,200 assessed to property owners. Construction is likely to begin in the spring.
  • Residents living along Rusten Road in the Norvin Oaks neighborhood can start preparing for spring construction. The city is pursuing another roadway resurfacing, sewer and curb repair project here. The estimated cost is $34,500, with $9,100 assessed to property owners. Construction is slated to start in May.


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