Council Preview: Backyard Chicken Ordinance Coming to Eagan?

What's on tap for the Eagan City Council on Tuesday? Click here to find out.

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The Eagan City Council will convene at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday night at to hold a special council meeting. Here's a preview of a selection of agenda items the council is expected to discuss. For a full agenda, click here.

  • Earlier this summer, the Eagan City Council received a request from a group of city residents to consider an ordinance amendment that would allow backyard chickens within city limits. After receiving the request, city staff reviewed backyard chicken ordinances used by 17 other cities in Minnesota, noting in their findings that cities with such ordinances typically received few complaints regarding chickens. On Tuesday, the council is expected to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of allowing backyard chickens in Eagan, and consider whether the city should issue permits for chickens, how inspections would be conducted and what kind of screening or fencing would be required for chicken coops, among other questions.
  • The Eagan City Council is also expected to hold a joint meeting on Tuesday night with the Eagan Energy and the Environment Commission. On tap for the discussion? The commission's proposed work plan and goals for 2012-2013. The commissions goals include recommending the elimination of coal tar sealant within the city, developing initiatives to increase active living infrastructure in the city and supporting renewable energy by reviewing and recommending changes to city ordinances.
Susan Cravatt September 12, 2012 at 01:11 PM
I used to live in Eagan, everyone should have a right to raise there own food! Chickens will also help with the bugs in people's yards and fertilize things naturally so no harmful chemicals would have to be sprayed. The hen does not need a rooster to produce eggs just fertilize them for more babies. So if your worried about noise don't get a rooster. I love my chickens and couldn't imagine my life without them! Let the people of Eagan have there chickens!
Mark October 16, 2012 at 03:24 PM
I totally agree, Susan. We allow people to have dogs and i'm sure we have PLENTY of complaints about dogs (i.e. barking, waste, dog violence, etc). I myself was attacked by a pitbull. We allow dogs because they are socially acceptable, not because we are devoid of problems. If we are honest, can we really say that chickens would be a problem? Do we need to be reminded of the country we live in and it's belief in freedom? This is similar to allowing people under 21 into the army letting them handle guns...but not trusting them to drink responsibly... (that was a real scenario for my veteran sisters.) Can we allow liberty in this small, small matter?


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