Council Preview: Comcast Complaints, Ecolab Objection, Restaurant Development

The Eagan City Council is expected to vote whether to send a formal letter of complaint to the city's Congressional delegation and the FCC regarding Comcast's recent rate changes.

 The Eagan City Council will convene at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday night at City Hall to hold a special meeting. Here's a preview of a selection of agenda items the council is expected to discuss. For a full agenda, click here.

  • In February, Eagan residents upset at higher equipment and rate fees being implemented by Comcast took their complaints to the Eagan City Council, which moderated a discussion between a Comcast representative and local customers. While the city has no authority to regulate basic cable rates, city officials opted to send a formal letter of complaint to Eagan's Congressional representatives and the Federal Communications Commission. The letter, which will likely be approved by the council on Tuesday night, outlines the city's concerns over Comcast's rising fees and lack of consumer protections and transparency.
  • Last year, the Eagan City Council approved an ordinance amendment that prohibited the use of grills on the decks and patios of certain multi-family housing units in an effort to prevent house fires. City officials are now considering an amendment to that amendment that would also prevent residents of those multi-family units from storing grills on decks or patios. The council is expected to vote on the amendment on Tuesday night.
  •  $110,172. That's how much city officials wanted to charged Ecolab in assessments for a roughly $1 million extension to Ames Crossing Road in northeast Eagan. But last October, the company filed an objection to the assessment in Dakota County District Court. Ecolab asked the city to reduce the amount to zero, claiming that the road extension didn't benefit the company and that the assessment amount wasn't valid. Fast forward several months, and city officials have proposed a tentative settlement with the company that defers some of the costs and requires Ecolab to pay only $17,000 upon approval of the agreement. The agreement is up for approval on Tuesday night.
  • The local developer behind has requested a planned development amendment to allow additional outdoor patio seating, exterior building modifications and signage modifications at 2000 Rahncliff Road. The building, once fully developed, will house a Yogurt Lab, Noodles & Company, Which Wich sandwich shop and Sport Clips hair stylist.
  • McGough, a developer, has asked the city for more time to complete phase one of the Blue Gentian Corporate Center project in northeast Eagan. While the company has actively marketed the site, it has not been able to attract enough potential tenants to begin construction on the project. As part of the development agreement the company originally signed, the city has the option of repurchasing the property from McGough if the company has not commenced development of the corporate center. City officials have already extended the agreement twice at the developer's request.


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Paul Carlyon March 05, 2013 at 01:27 PM
Regarding the Comcast rate - we can complain all we want - they don't care. What Eagan can do is install a municipal broadband system, so we can subscribe to the Internet with The City of Eagan as our ISP (Internet service provider) , then as consumers we really would have a choice as to our telephone, (maybe I want a "magic jack" for $19.95 per year) - maybe I want direct TV or Dish for $25 a month or basic cable for $12 (must provide) - and the City gets my Internet business which will he to lower my property taxes or improve our services. In some states lobbyists for big communication interests have made it illegal for municipalities to provide broadband services to protect their high subscription rates and virtual monopolies. Let's build our own network and show these guys the door!
rdseyl@gmail.com March 05, 2013 at 03:04 PM
I agree with Paul! Why is is that internet, phone and cable should cost over $150 per month. This really hurts struggling families. My grandson doesn't have a computer at home because they can't get WiFi and comcast has priced them out of the interent. And his elementary school is continually encouraging more computer work. A concerned grandma


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