UPDATE: Lakeville Election Results: Mayor, City Council, School Board

Lakeville Patch's one-stop-shop for local election news and results, including mayoral, city council and school board races, as well as legislative contests.

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Welcome to Lakeville Patch's hub for all things Election 2012. Here, we'll be offering up-to-the-moment election results from the races all across town. We will also have links to Lakeville Patch's regional (think county races) as well as state and federal (think senate and president) election coverage. 

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We're on top of all the local races that affect Lakeville including:

  • State senate and house races
  • Mayor
  • City Council
  • School Board

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* - Denotes incumbent


Senate District 56 (Northwest Lakeville) Name Party Total Votes Percentage √ * Dan Hall GOP 14293 52.44 Leon Thurman DFL 12908 47.35 Senate District 57 (Northeast Lakeville) Name Party Total Votes Percentage Pat Hall GOP 20199 45.73 √ Greg Clausen DFL 23890 54.09 Senate District 58 (Lakeville) Name Party Total Votes Percentage √ * Dave Thompson GOP 23457 57.61 Andrew Brobston DFL 17210 42.27


House District 56B (Northwest Lakeville)    Name Party Total Votes Percentage Roz Peterson GOP 10515 49.52 √ Will Morgan DFL 10685 50.32 House District 57A (Northeast Lakeville) Name Party Total Votes Percentage √ * Tara Mack GOP 11420 53.37 Roberta Gibbons DFL 9941 46.46 House District 58A (Lakeville) Name Party Total Votes Percentage √ Mary Liz Holberg GOP 12419 59.09 Colin Lee DFL 8574 40.80


Lakeville Mayor (One winner) Name Total Votes Percentage * Mark Bellows           10803 39.08 Laurie Rieb 4638 16.73 √ Matt Little 12175 43.93


Lakeville City Council (Top two win four-year terms)   

Name Total Votes Percentage √ * Kerrin Swecker 12960 35.46 √ Doug Anderson 13695 37.47 David Bares 9717 26.59


Lakeville School Board (Top three win four-year terms)    Name Total Votes Percentage √ * Judy Keliher 11344 21.33 √ * Bob Erickson 11948 22.46 √ Terry Lind 11746 22.12 Jennifer Harmening 10055 18.90 Lori Amborn 6068 11.41 Bader A. Alossaimi 1832 3.44


Lakeville is considered, not only a Repiublican community, but one of Minnesota's strongest GOP contingent. For perspective: in 2008, Republican presidential candidate John McCain visited Lakeville for a campaign stop. Generally speaking, candidates only visit friendly locations in the midst of the campaign.

The proof is in the pudding. In 2008, President Obama beat McCain by 10 percentage points, 54-44. In Lakeville? McCain beat Obama by a similar margin of 10 points, 45-55.

McCain carried 12 of Lakeville's 14 precincts. A whopping 81 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot, according to the city, besting the state number of 78 percent, which was best in the country.

Beyond presidential politics, Lakeville Republican Representatives Mary Liz Holberg and Pat Garofalo are not only stalwarts of elections, but they also chair two of the most powerful committees in the Minnesota House—Holberg the Ways and Means Committee, and Garofalo the Education Finance Committee. Freshman Senator Dave Thompson is a leader of Minnesota's Republican caucus.

Nationally, Rep. John Kline, a Lakeville resident, is the Republican chairman of the U.S. House's Education and Workforce Committee.


Lakeville's local government is guaranteed some new blood this year.

Longtime Lakeville School Board Member Kathy Lewis announced her retirementafter more than 20 years serving the town. Her open seat guarantees at least one fresh-face on the board.

As for the city council, Laurie Rieb announced she's running for mayor instead of city council, meaning her seat is promised to be filled by a new face.

Redistricting also caused a local governance shakeup. In addition to adding a couple of new voting precincts, Lakeville was splintered into two additional senate districts, resulting in new representatives in both the house and senate for a number of Lakeville's northern residents. 

Also, Lakeville is no longer a part of Rep. Pat Garofalo's house district and Rep. Mary Liz Holberg moved districts, so she's no longer considered an incumbent.

  • Still confused? Be sure to check out our voting guide so you know where to vote.
Harvey Simpson November 07, 2012 at 08:05 PM
He also has never managed people outside of his high school debate team, but go ahead manage a city of 56000 residents. Maybe Joe Neidermeyer and the senior citizens can rent out the senior center for a celebration.
Arnold H. Zach November 07, 2012 at 11:53 PM
Congradulations to our new Mayor Matt Little. I have personally seen you getting involved in many Lakeville functions. Keeping a food pantry in Lakeville you took the lead to make it happen. It is time to put negative activities aside and work for the betterment of our great Lakeville community. Arnold & Annette Zach Lakeville, MN
Colin Lee November 08, 2012 at 02:51 AM
You can call the Valley Park neighborhood lots of things, but they aren't Rosemount. Why disown parts of your own city just because they use a different post office?
Harvey Simpson November 08, 2012 at 03:24 AM
Wow, I think Laurie would object to little taking credit for the food pantry now.
ABSG November 08, 2012 at 09:51 PM
What an absolute joke - Matt Little ???? ... Come-On' ... What is wrong with you people...Seriously? For some of you, a reason you voted for Little was because he started a Food Pantry? Are you serious ? That's a qualification you hold in high regard to be able to handle the lives of 60,000 people? My 8 year old daughter had a lemonade stand last year, I guess she is just as qualified, maybe I will have her run for Mayor when she is 10. Geezuz ... I keep thinking this whole election thing is just a bad nightmare! Because if it isn't, it's actually going to be a nightmare in real life! I can't believe that 50% of this country is so uninformed, uneducated on what it takes to run a Gov't....we don't live in Candy Land folks - we can not operate as one giant food shelf or a Community Center! We need to let businesses and people fail so they get the fear of god in them and start helping themselves. We need to live within our means and go WITHOUT if need be! All I hear now from Dems is "can't we all just get along"? NO - we aren't in kindergarten anymore people - we need to make tough choices and if some fall behind so be it. We need to let them figure it out on their own! We can't Tax, Spend and Pander- and the rich are not going to be your saving grace! So Disgusted in 50% of you! God Help Us All - Is A Huge Understatement! The next 4 years will be YOUR fault, not Bush or anyone else you will try and blame this disaster on.


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