Rasmussen College Shows Off Law Enforcement Training Facility at Ribbon Cutting

College officials and Eagan Mayor Mike Maguire attended the ribbon cutting ceremony as part of the open house activities.

Ribbon cutting ceremony for the Law Enforcement Training Facility at Rasmussen College.
Ribbon cutting ceremony for the Law Enforcement Training Facility at Rasmussen College.
Rasmussen College held the open house for its new law enforcement training facility on Wednesday.

The facility is an area within the college that consists of such components as scenario training rooms, a padded room for use of force training and a room with a video simulator (MILO) "that tests proper techniques and problem-solving skills," according to the college.

Scenario rooms included a bank, a bar, a convenience store and an apartment. In these areas students will have the opportunity to practice the skills they may need as police officers.

Current Rasmussen College student Dave Eichman plans to graduate in June. He has just started the hands-on skills training portion of the program. 

"They have incredible instructors and great equipment," Eichman said about the program. He added that he appreciates the opportunity to become certified in such areas as baton and taser use.

Rasmussen College officials and Eagan Mayor Mike Maguire took part in a ribbon cutting ceremony in the bar scenario room where refreshments were also available to open house attendees.

"This law enforcement training center is a great representation of the kinds of contributions that Rasmussen makes to the community of Eagan and to our metro community and our law enforcement community across the state," said Maguire. "It is also an important facility for the ongoing skills training that goes on here for people that are already police officers."

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