Patch 'Pet of the Week' Adopted by Eagan Family 90 Minutes Before Euthanization

Daisy, a beagle-lab mix, has found a home with three children and three cats.

On Dec. 15, Eagan Patch who was looking for an adoptive home.

Eagan resident Christine O’Wheeler saw the pictures, read about the pooch’s affection for kids and cats, and became instantly smitten.

“I knew that I had to have Miss Daisy!” O’Wheeler wrote in an email.

When she called Daisy’s foster mom, O’Wheeler learned that the dog was 90 minutes away from being euthanized.

Today Daisy is happily situated in the O’Wheeler home, adding a canine element to a home filled with three children and three cats.

“She is truly our blessing this Christmas!” O’Wheeler wrote. “We could not have asked for a better dog.”


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