Best of Eagan Craigslist: Signed '70s Vikings Football, Diamond Ring and Kiss Dolls

Find out what weird, wonderful and useful items Eagan is selling on the Internet.

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In this new feature, we take a look at the "best" Eagan ads on Craigslist.

Now, best is a very subjective term. But we'll bring to you items that range from the strange to the collectible to the helpful in a weekly post.

1. Vikings team autographed football 1970's vintage - $75

I have for sale a rare 1970's vintage team autographed football from the Minnesota Vikings glory years of the 1970's. The football is a high quality leather football in excellent shape, the football does not hold air but it keeps it football shape for display. The signatures are silk-screened on the ball and it's an official NFL product. This would make a great gift for a Vikings fan

Some of the more notable signatures are Bud Grant, Carl Eller, Fred Cox, Ron Yary, Gene Washington, Oscar Reed, Allen Page, Dave Osborn, Gary Larson, Bobby Bryant, Bobby Lee, Mick Tingelfoff, Bob Grim , Bill Brown and many more. About 50 total signatures.

2. Diamond ring - $900

Need to get rid of the past... 5/8 diamond ring. .33 center stone 14k white gold
make cash offer.. has full warranty

3. Winnie The Pooh Bedroom - $30

I'm selling a Winnie the Pooh Theme bedroom set..

It includes bumper pads, fitted sheet, comforter, and pillow case. It's a green and cream color scheme so could be used for boy or girl.
Also including a lamp, snow globe, puzzle, two picture frames. Selling this set for $40. 

Everything has been freshly clean and in good shape.

I also am selling 9 blankets and 4 receiving blankets separate from the bedding set. Most of them are boy-related. (blue, green, animals, doggies, fire trucks, etc.) Will send pictures upon request just let me know. All of these blankets are in great shape - barely been used. I'd like to sell it all together (their all in a diaper box) for $15.

Willing to sell the blanket and winnie the pooh set together for $40.

4. Kiss Dolls - $50

I have 3 new in the box kiss dolls & 1 opened doll.

5. Egg Nog Bowl and Cups - $25

1950's Egg Nog bowl and 6 cups. No chips.

6. Bushnell Telescope - $75

Brand new Bushnell Deep Space Telescope for $75 (never opened). Please call Allan at 65one-45four-3one18.

Product Description from the Manufacturer

Bushnell Deep Space Telescopes are a great value for both the beginner and intermediate astronomer. Fully featured for night after night of fun and excitement exploring deep into space. With all-metal optical tube assembly, high-quality glass optic objectives for crisp clear views, full-length variable height tripods, metal yoke mounting systems, all-metal accessory trays, rack and pinion focusing mechanisms and patented universal coding system, they can help you take a voyage to hundreds of far-away galaxies, learn about the moons of Jupiter, and explore the craters of the Moon. Meticulously engineered, the advanced optics of Bushnell Telescopes deliver amazing detail and will keep viewers enjoying the wonders of the universe for many years to come. 
Specifications for this Bushnell telescope include: 
•Power/Obj.: 525x3" 
•Style: Reflector 
•Focal length: 700mm 
•Yoke Mount 
•Vertical Stabilizer Bar, 
•Universal Coding System 
•Camera Adaptable 
•Upgradeable to 1.25" Format 
Some useful tech terms:
Magnification (Power): The magnification of a telescope is determined by dividing its focal length by the focal length of the eyepiece being used. For example, a 500mm telescope with a 5mm eyepiece would magnify objects 100x. Thus, a telescope can provide nearly any magnification required depending on the focal length of the eyepiece used. 
Objective Lens Size (or Aperture): The size of the telescope's objective lens, or aperture, limits the amount of power that can be used effectively. As the magnification of an object increases, the brightness of the image decreases. This is because the light gathered by the telescope is being spread over a larger area. 
Focal Length: The measured light path of the optical system (tube length), typically measured in millimeters. 
Yoke Mount: A u-shaped altaz mount. Altaz mounts move up-down and left-right. 
Finderscope: On most astronomical telescopes a lower powered finderscope with a wider field of view lets the user quickly locate the object to be viewed by the high-magnification main telescope. 
The Nuts and Bolts of the Deep Space 525x3" Refractor

2.Rack & Pinion Focusing Mechanism 
3.965" Format Eyepiece 
4.Vertical Stabilizer Bar 
5.Azimuth Lock Screw 
6.Tripod Leg 
7.Tripod Leg Middle Section 
8.Accessory Tray Brace 
9.Accessory Tray 
10.Tripod Leg Lock Screws 
11.Stablizer Bar Mounting Screw 
12.Alt-Azimuth Yoke Mount 
13.Primary Mirror (Internal) 
14.Main Telescope Tube 
15.Vertical Fine Adjustment Screw 
16.Finderscope Focus Adjustment 
17.Finderscope Adjustment Screws


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