Eagan Police Blotter: August 1-4

A roundup of selected Eagan Police Department calls and arrests.

Editor's note: All information contained in this report is public information and can be obtained from the Eagan Police Department.

August 1

-The Holiday station on Nicols Road reported a $36 gasoline drive-off. Police checked the license number and sent a letter to the registered owner of the car.

-Police responded to a domestic disturbance in the 1300 block of Jurdy Road. A man reported that his girlfriend was physically assaulting him, and he left the home to get away from the situation. The woman was at home with an infant. No charges were filed.

-A caller told police that she is concerned about a company that keeps contacting her at work. She said she had gotten about 14 calls there since June 1 from what appears to be a collection agency; she believes someone might have fraudulently gotten a loan using her identity.

-A caller in the 1700 block of Yankee Doodle Road reported that a female employee was threatening to kill herself and “take her kids with her.” The woman was taken to the hospital.

-A caller in the 4200 block of Braddock Trail reported that someone had dumped five bags of garbage on her front lawn overnight. The bags contained mail belonging to a 36-year-old Rosemount man.

-A caller in the 1300 block of Town Centre Drive reported seeing a couple in a car in the parking lot arguing, with the man grabbing the back of the woman’s neck and yelling at her. Police responded and spoke to the couple.

-A caller in the 700 block of Trotters Ridge reported arriving home from work and discovering that someone had smashed in a back window with a rock. It appeared that no one got inside the home.

-The Holiday station on Pilot Knob Road reported a $12.01 gas drive-off. Police asked Apple Valley police to check at the address of the car’s registered owner.

-A caller in the 3200 block of Alden Pond Lane reported that his ex-girlfriend was destroying his property. The woman also called to complain about her ex-boyfriend stealing items from her car. Police determined that the argument was verbal only.

-A caller in the 4700 block of Berkshire Court reported that he had just accompanied his 17-year-old son to court on a drug charge, and the boy had returned home high. The boy admitted to police that he had smoked marijuana, and his probation officer was notified.

August 2

-A caller in the 500 block of Diffley Road reported three suspicious males after finding a sledgehammer on the ground. Police and a K-9 officer checked businesses and homes in the area, following the suspects’ tracks.

August 3

-Police stopped a car at Denmark Avenue and Duckwood Drive and cited the owner for failing to comply with a plate impoundment order. The plates were taken and the vehicle towed.

-A caller in the 3800 block of Worchester Drive reported that a Toyota Sienna minivan had been stolen from a garage overnight during a party. Police asked for a list of party guests.

-A caller in the 4300 block of Braddock Trail reported receiving a debt collection phishing phone call. The caller didn’t give out any personal information and was advised to report the call to the attorney general.

-A store owner in the 1600 block of Diffley Road reported that an Oklahoma man had stopped by the store and had asked “a lot of questions that did not make sense.” She told police that the man “creeped her out so much, she has not been sleeping well for the past few nights.”

-Police responded to a hit-and-run accident at Diffley Road and Pilot Knob Road. The victim reported that her car had been sideswiped by another car.

-A caller in the 500 block of Hawthorne Woods Drive reported receiving a phone call from a collection agency, telling him that he owed $932 to Florida Power and Light. The caller said he didn’t know how his personal information had been compromised.

-Police responded to a three-vehicle crash at Interstate 494 and Pilot Knob Road. No injuries were reported.

-The Holiday station on Holiday Lane reported a $52 gas drive-off. The license plate number did not match the car’s description.

-A resident in the 900 block of Kettle Creek Road reported that two bicycles valued at $1,100 had been stolen from a garage.

-A caller in the 3600 block of Wescott Hills Drive reported that she has been receiving harassing phone calls from someone threatening to slash her tires “and other inappropriate things.” She didn’t know the caller’s identity.

August 4

-A caller in the 2000 block of Safari Heights Trail reported that her ex-boyfriend’s mother assaulted her when she went to his home to collect some personal items. She said her ex-boyfriend had also assaulted her. A 22-year-old man was cited for violating a protection order.

-A caller at a restaurant in the 1200 block of Promenade Place said someone told him they were going to pull a gun on him. He said he ignored the threat and entered the restaurant; when he and his girlfriend came back out, his girlfriend’s tire had been slashed.

-A caller at Cinnabar Drive and Taconite Trail reported a domestic disturbance in a car parked nearby. Police found two men in the car and cited an 18-year-old man for drug possession.


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