Glacier Hills Elementary Hosts State Legislators

District 196 Superintendent Jane Berenz, the school's principal and staff shared with legislators the initiatives they have taken to help students succeed.

A Glacier Hills Elementary classroom.
A Glacier Hills Elementary classroom.
A group of Minnesota state legislators visited Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts and Science in Eagan Thursday morning.

The legislators attended a presentation and discussion about the magnet school and the steps staff and teachers have taken to make it a successful school.

District 196 Superintendent Jane Berenz and Principal Jeff Holten lead most of the discussion, which then led to a tour of the school. 

The legislators who attended included: Sen. Jim Carlson; Sen. Greg Clausen; Sen. Patricia Torres Ray; Sen. Charles Wiger; Rep. Sandra Masin; and Rep. Laurie Halverson.

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Richard January 18, 2014 at 07:31 PM
Democrat Senators, Democrat House members, Democrat school board, Democrat principal, Democrat teachers union, looks like the kids are getting a little more indoctrination at school itself during an election year. Yep, the kids are sure to get the progressive message and nothing else. Too bad the parents aren't involved but then the PTA was thrown out years ago in favor of a union dominated school board.


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