Red Pine Principal Dons Tuxedo to Teach Students a Positive Lesson

Reinforcing positive behavior is the name of the game at Red Pine Elementary School in Eagan, where new thinking has reduced disciplinary issues, according to the Star Tribune.

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Why is Red Pine Elementary School Principal Gary Anger donning a tuxedo for a once-a-month meal with students?

It's all about reinforcing positive behavior among students at the school and creating a positive school environment, according to a report in the Star Tribune. The approach is called Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, or PBIS, and it was introduced three years ago at the school, Anger told the Star Tribune.

Since that time, the number of students visiting Anger's office on disciplinary issues has fallen significantly. To reward well-mannered students, Anger dresses up and holds a fancy luncheon with students.

The system has gained a foothold across the metro, according to the Star Tribune:

Though the Department of Education has offered PBIS training since 2005, most of the 420 or so Minnesota schools using it have come on board in the past three years, said Ann Osterhus, the metro area’s regional coach for the state program. During that period, participation began growing exponentially, she said, with nearly 20 percent of Minnesota schools using it today.

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