VIDEO: Imaginary Rabbit at the Heart of Eagan High School's Winter Production

The play, a comedy, opens on Friday, Dec. 7, and runs through Saturday, Dec. 15. The production calls into question what is a dream and what is reality, according to director Nancy Owzarek.

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Imaginary rabbits, psychiatrists, sanatoriums?

What is it, exactly, that these Eagan High School students are up to?

Find out by attending Eagan High School's production of the Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy "Harvey", a 1944 play written by American playwright Mary Chase. Eagan High School students will present their own rendition of the comedy at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 7; Saturday, Dec. 8; Friday, Dec. 14; and Saturday, Dec. 15.

The play centers around Elwood P. Dowd, a friendly, middle-aged man who happens to have an imaginary friend—Harvey, a six-foot-tall invisible rabbit. Dowd's family is driven to distraction by his belief in an imaginary friend. Sick of Dowd's eccentric behavior, his sister, Veta, decides to have him committed to a sanitarium. Problems arise, however, when Veta herself is mistakenly assumed to be on the fringe of lunacy when she explains to doctors that years of living with Elwood's hallucination have caused her to see Harvey also.

The play is directed by Nancy Owzarek.

Click here for more information about Eagan High School's rendition of "Harvey", or to purchase tickets.


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